Social’s Review – Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap

Hello fellow retro heads it’s your pal Social back with the first review since the site’s launch and what a way to start off with a banger!
Here is my thoughts and game play of the Xbox One version to the recently released remake of Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap. The original came out on the Sega Master System with another port being released for the Turbografx 16.

Briefly let me just thank DotEMU for even considering TheSocialGamer for press access. I humbly appreciate the consideration and support. Wonderboy is starting at the same place the Sega Master System game took place. Same levels, characters and game play mechanics but after that it’s a welcomed remaster from the ground up coming to you completely with some of the best to date hand drawn art in a video game.

You might think that I’m over hyping the animation, but, you’d be wrong in that assumption. I’ve been fooled many times recently with lovely screenshots to then be disappointed with the animation or control preciseness. This is one of the real reasons I wanted to play this game for myself. Proudly I’m here to put my name on the line and state that the animation and pixel perfect control mechanics are some of the best I’ve played on a modern gaming console.
I found myself playing through the game’s levels with a constant smile on my face. The shear enjoyment I’m having with Wonderboy on the Xbox One will stay with me forever and will be having me coming back to it year after year.

“DotEmu’s Wonderboy The Dragon’s Curse
is a true modern classic.”

To finish off this personal review, take a look at some the other characters and levels within this action adventure masterpiece…!

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