Social’s Review – Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap (PC Edition)

Well well well, if it isn’t your friend Social back at you with more incredible game play footage of one of this generations’ fan favorite platformer, Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap.
This time we show you and the many fans around the world actual real-time game play of the Steam (PC) version. You can head on over to the full review of the Xbox One version of Wonderboy here.

This time around we skip with the fancy overview or drawn out review and go straight into the live streams from our and channels. (The video is an archive of a previous live stream.)

From what you’ll see within this post and on our full review, the game play, story and control mechanics are identical to the XB1 version. The visuals are virtually identical with the exception of being able to play Wonderboy in Ultra HD or as high as your PC can handle.

Hence the reason for presenting the community of retro and indie fans something a bit different while sharing our thoughts on this incredible modern classic title.

Social Gamer
“I want to personally thank our friend Elisabeth for sending our community the Steam Review copy for this article, it’s greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks!”




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