Social Gamer Approved – Oceanhorn on PC

Hello my friends, Social here is a new post on a new site in a new year…okay now that the intro is out of the way let me share this with you.
I’ll be posting games here from time to time that I feel should get some “extra shine”. I’ve played so many games on so many platforms for so many years now that I’ve noticed, even to this day, mostly the (Triple A big company) games get special “or extra” attention. What I mean by that is for most Indie titles with the exception of a few games that have both succeeded and failed due to over hyping…..

Here on my site, I’ll post games that “not only” have I actually played for more than a few hours but have also felt the need to express my appreciation for.
I do plan on sharing titles on any and all platforms, but will mostly focus on PC for the most part. Below is a gem that I’ve stumbled upon only recently due to the release of Breath of the Wild for the Wii U and newly released Switch consoles.
I’m not getting paid for this post nor have I received the game for free to review. I genuinely am enjoying it and love the story, game play and visual esthetics.
I only hope you’ll give it your time and share it with more of your friends that mostly play games on their PCs who are looking for an action adventure game to sink their virtual sword into.

Love you all…..see you next time, Social out!

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