Pure Retro Ep1 – Wonderboy III on The Sega Master System

Hey friends, Social here with a new Vidcast. This will be a mainstay here on the site. The idea is simple, capture retro games at it’s rawest form. They’ll be some blind plays as well as some revisited and great classic games. This first attempt was a bit of a fail do to the capture card crashing early on during play.
I recovered what I could and hope it’s enough to quench your thirst for all things retro.

I’ll mostly aim for short 10 minute videos to keep things short and sweet. No complete playthroughs with little to no heavy spoilers.
With that out of the way, please enjoy some epic “RETRO PURE-NESS” of the Sega Master System’s version of Wonderboy III Dragon’s Curse, which in my eyes is the original and definitive version.


Please feel free to recommend a game you’d like to see on Retro Pure. You can find me on Twitter or just comment below.

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