Accepting death is the only way to play #Cuphead

Since the launch of Cuphead it seems that people are finally realizing the fact that it is a true masterpiece. I’ve quite a bit now and feel as if the difficulty is part of it’s charm which I welcome with open arms. Think back to the days of a blossoming video game industry where developers made games that pushed the gamer to get better at a game and make it almost impossible to complete. That is where I place Cuphead. You will not glide through these levels, you will struggle and die a lot.

Click the link below to get a peak of the first area and then the nearly impossible second area just to get a taste of it’s unrelenting but satisfying game play.
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Pure Game Play ep.1 – No More Heroes 2 on Wii

Hey friends back again with a Pure Game Play video. This time I play a bit of No More Heroes 2 on everyones’ favorite little console, the original Wii.

Not the most powerful of the big three but, as we all know, power never means better game play. Also as a reminder to everyone, most of my game play videos don’t have much “if any at all” commentary over game play. There’s plenty of videos with commentary on the net if that’s your thing. Continue reading “Pure Game Play ep.1 – No More Heroes 2 on Wii”

Pure Retro Ep1 – Wonderboy III on The Sega Master System

Hey friends, Social here with a new Vidcast. This will be a mainstay here on the site. The idea is simple, capture retro games at it’s rawest form. They’ll be some blind plays as well as some revisited and great classic games. This first attempt was a bit of a fail do to the capture card crashing early on during play.
I recovered what I could and hope it’s enough to quench your thirst for all things retro. Continue reading “Pure Retro Ep1 – Wonderboy III on The Sega Master System”