Pure Retro Ep1 – Wonderboy III on The Sega Master System

Hey friends, Social here with a new Vidcast. This will be a mainstay here on the site. The idea is simple, capture retro games at it’s rawest form. They’ll be some blind plays as well as some revisited and great classic games. This first attempt was a bit of a fail do to the capture card crashing early on during play.
I recovered what I could and hope it’s enough to quench your thirst for all things retro. Continue reading “Pure Retro Ep1 – Wonderboy III on The Sega Master System”

Indie Retro News – Lode Runner Legacy

Hello my Retro and Indie family, Social Gamer here to spit a little info your way. I’m a little late to get this to you but I figured I’d throw it up and share anyways.
For those who have been gaming since the late 70’s and 80’s like I have will know the name Lode Runner…! I still remember playing this in school on the Apple II if I remember it correctly.
Believe me, my memory is more about the nostalgia and not to technical. After all I’ve been gaming since almost the beginning. ;p
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