Call of Cthulhu are you ready for a fantastical love craft adventure?!

Let me start out by stating, Call of Cthulhu on the PC was a breath of fresh air for me. Lately anytime I hear of an upcoming title it’s either a full on FPS online shooter or a simple crafting or farming simulator. Personally Call of Cthulhu was totally what I needed.

The games exploration portion was deeply connected to how the game played out and was truly the thing that kept me wanting to keep looking around and exploring every nook of the game world. As for the gun play (very little towards the end of the game) and even during the museum painting chapter where the beast comes out of the painting (early on in the game) and you needed to grab a dagger to get rid of the ghastly monster, weren’t some of my favorite points in Call of Cthulhu.

I ending up dying multiple times due to lack of any hint but after many many many retries, I somehow decided to stab the painting and bingo it worked.

I’ve read some complaints around the net and from some content creators that they’ve had some problems running the game smoothly or at the very least stable, but in my experience, I didn’t have any problems at all with the PC version, even at 4K maxed settings while playing it with an Xbox One controller. I liked it for what it was.

I didn’t expect it to be some heavy gun tooting shooter. The story is key here with multiple ways to progress the story forward. I’m not sure if the game’s story will change much based on your decisions but it’s still an interesting option for those who want replay-ability.

My final thoughts on Call of Cthulhu from me is that if you’re into deep and intriguing story with a slower pace to the game play then yes I could recommend this game specifically for that niche audience. As far as someone looking for a fast paced run and gun monster blasting fps shooter style gun-play, I’d reconsider this game, you won’t find that here.

I’ll always support titles that focus on story driven game play as it’s becoming less and far in between that I find a gem like this game very often.

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